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A FOCUS ON: Our expert advice ahead of your Executive Studio photoshoot

Taking control of one’s image is essential when it comes to sending the right message. So, when it comes to your professional photo, we would strongly recommend that your style is in line with the usual dress code of the professional sector you are in.


Corporate Headshot

For men

Avoid checkered shirts and shirts with thin stripes that produce a slight shimmering effect. For an impeccable fit, aim for a jacket and a shirt whose sleeves protrude slightly from underneath the jacket by at least 1 cm.

For women:

Opt for a V-neck or a slightly flared round neck top. We would also advise you cover your arms and shoulders. We would therefore usually recommend wearing a jacket.

Corporate Headshot


Corporate headshot
corporate headshot

Depending on your natural colorimetry (your hair, eye and skin colours), you should opt for certain colours over others: the chosen colour should highlight your features!

You should bear in mind that, roughly and generally speaking, cool colours work best on and around your face if you have a light skin tone. You should therefore choose darker, deeper colours. Opt for example for blue, plum, burgundy, and silver accessories (for the ladies).

Inversely, warm colours tend to suit those with darker skin tones. Opt for example for colours such as orange, yellow, warm greens, such as khaki, and gold accessories (for the ladies).

Avoid very light colours (beige, grey), which can make you look tired.

If you choose to wear a dark-coloured top, opt for a coloured jacket or accessory to personalise and spruce up your look.


Emmanuel Macron

If there are photos on the web or in a magazine that have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to bring them with you. Have a look at the models’ poses that you particularly like.

Observe each and every detail, their hands, the position of their legs, which way they are looking, their facial expressions… You’ll find that often a slight tweak is enough to really give your look a boost!

Finally, remember to hydrate your skin and lips. A well hydrated complexion will look much better in pictures!

© Pictures - Executive Studio


Professional Make up

Key to a fresh face and radiant complexion is… your make-up.

In order to avoid looking washed out under the lights, make-up should be slightly heavier than usual. Apply a neutral, matt loose powder to take the shine off, blush for a healthy glow, matt (non-iridescent) eye shadow, black mascara to give your eyes more intensity and a matt, neutral lip colour.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more personalised advice.

See you at your next Executive Studio session!

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