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Conference Image & Leadership @ESCP EUROPE MADRID - Executive MBA Programme

Madrid - June 28th 2017 - Conference "Image & Leadership"


Oustanding exchanges with the Executive MBA students on the ESCP EUROPE Madrid campus...Sharing insights on how to create a well-developed, strong and authentic Executive Image and build a leadership presence in a strategic way.

Extracts : "During a job interview, a meeting with your boss, a meeting with your CEO or your team…You presence, your style, your approach, everything is considered. You are the product and the service."

Extracts : "If your goal is to become the CEO of your company - You have to look like a potential CEO and that means you have to invest in clothes that a CEO would wear."

Extracts : "Do you know what does Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Anna Wintour and the most successful leaders in the world today and throughout the history have in common? They all have an empowering morning ritual. Meaning that they take time every single morning and they proactively spend that time to take care of themselves first – to express a very powerful image...To help make sure that they’re strong, they’re in a great state, so that they can deal with the day and ultimately create the day and the life that they want."

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